Client Education and Support Topics

//Client Education and Support Topics

Client Education and Support Topics

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Support of the Working Mother (60 min)


  • Outline methods for how the mother can prepare for her return to work while on maternity leave
  • Identify at least two national and local resources for support of the working mother

Abstract: More and more attention is directed to the challenges that surround the working mother, particularly those with a newborn who is breastfeeding. It is well within the role of the advocate at any level to help and support these moms with anticipatory guidance and resources. In addition, she may also need legal information to protect her rights as a nursing mother.

Improving the Dynamic of Prenatal Education (60-90min)


  • List four learning characteristics of “the digital generation”
  • State three marketing techniques for attracting new learners to classes
  • Create a tool for measuring efficacy for classroom learning concepts

Abstract: The digital generation is accustomed to getting what they want immediately. They have rapid access to large volumes of information, and are accustomed to fast passed, rapidly changing input and want their education in 142 characters. They dismiss anything that appears to be from the previous generation – especially traditional classes. Learn how to evaluate your current marketing practices, materials to better reach the digital learner while maintaining your viability.

Shared Responsibility Builds a Breastfeeding Community (90 min)


  • List four community partners for breastfeeding advocacy
  • Identify three methods for creating awareness in the community
  • Identify two internal resources within an organization as a source of breastfeeding support or advocacy

Abstract: As resources grow tighter for advocates and families, it is especially important to link systems of support. Using our own group interaction, we will identify internal and external resources, depending on the point of view. For example, the hospital LC can look at prenatal programs, bedside support by nurses, and outpatient services. The doctor has office staff, LLL, and peer referrals. After potential resources are identified, further discussion centers on linking these resources for the benefit of the breastfeeding family. Emphasis is placed on organizations, specifically people, working together as one community.


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