Business Topics

//Business Topics

Business Topics


Micro Business Basics (60-90 min)


  • Name at least three critical documents necessary for a successful small business
  • State the rationale for writing, and updating a business plan
  • Define what a “P&L” sheet is and why it is important

Abstract: A micro business is defined as individual owned and operated without employees or large overhead. This is where the dream becomes reality, and it often the stepping point for creating a small business. Regardless of size, the rules are the same – without structure and attention, the business can’t grow or sustain itself. Learn the basics in a broad strokes overview about the necessary elements for success.

Writing for Publication


  • Define your “writing voice”
  • Identify at least three venues for locating your writing forum
  • Finding your audience

Abstract: Many of us dream about writing the “Great American Novel” and hitting the Times best seller list. However, nobody can just sit down and make that happen. Writing is hard work, and takes a lot of self-discipline, even when and especially if, you love to do it. Learn how to start small to improve your writing skills, from blogging and website content to print publication.

Marketing: It’s Not a Dirty Word


  • Using marketing to build a small or micro business
  • Learn the process for creating a marketing plan
  • Identify your personal brand

Abstract: Many business owners approach marketing as a necessary evil, putting it off for other tasks whenever possible. However, marketing opportunities present themselves daily, and don’t always require a lot of time and expense. Learn how to build your brand and strengthen your business while creating good marketing habits that become second nature.


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