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Using a high energy presentation style coupled with interactive learning techniques, Denise will vitalize your conference participants, and leave them feeling recharged. Drawing from multiple modalities, her sessions meet the needs of any adult learner.

Denise has been a maternal-child health nurse since 1992 and a Registered Lactation Consultant since 1998. Although she is now in private practice, during her hospital tenure she served as an active participant for Disaster Training, Hospital Ethics Committee, Competency Assessment and Training, and JCAHO Preparation and Inspection.

In addition to clinical topics, Denise also has several presentations that focus on starting and growing a small or micro business, as well as topics related to professional development.

Clinical Topics

Breastfeeding Basics (90 min) Objectives: Define when the use of artificial baby milk began and evolved List four positions for breastfeeding Identify at least three elements of effective latch and transfer Identify the steps of

Professional Development

Dear Doc: Verbal and Written Reporting to the Caregiver (60 min) Objectives: State the five principles in the IBLCE Code of Ethics that guide communication with the primary caregiver List two types of communication methods,

Client Education and Support Topics

Support of the Working Mother (60 min) Objectives Outline methods for how the mother can prepare for her return to work while on maternity leave Identify at least two national and local resources for support

Business Topics

Micro Business Basics (60-90 min) Objectives Name at least three critical documents necessary for a successful small business State the rationale for writing, and updating a business plan Define what a “P&L” sheet is and