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The night before Commencement, I had a lot of trouble falling asleep. I couldn’t figure out why. The worst was behind us-all school projects were complete, final grades entered, the rush of college applications in

The March of Time

It’s so tedious when an adult says to a kid “My, how you’ve grown!” What we are really saying is: “Oh my gosh, you look so different. When I peer into your face, I can


Saturdays are for me. Occasionally, there are too many kid activities that require a parent driver, making the time no longer mine. For the most part though, I am able to use my mom network

Standing on Cars

“I have a thought.” When they were younger, these words always send my kids into a tailspin. This was the signal for them to instantly start running around in circles while asking me a million

Heritage Tea Love

I come by my love for tea and all that goes with it honestly - it's in my gene pool like fair skin and straight hair. It’s who I am and where I come from.

Taste Testing

It was Saturday afternoon at the grocery store and it was time for another taste test. As we approached, a young woman curled and stretched her fingers inside the plastic glove, unused to the feeling

Grandpa’s Zamboni

At this time of year, many people find Lake Murray a little depressing. I can understand this-you can’t ski or swim, fishing is pretty difficult as well. A boat ride in a cold, whipping wind


A friend of mine recently had her first child. It’s a “him”. She is feeling ambivalent about the whole thing right now. Not about her baby, she is thrilled that she has a healthy child

The Library Lady

We go to the library every week without fail. To us, fresh library books are as important as milk and bread. Our library is the Main Branch, downtown on Assembly. The library is a large