The Eternal Why

The Eternal Why

If you have any answers to these questions, please feel free to leave them here so you can put me out of my misery.

Why is it that cookbooks are absolutely inspirational to read, but cooking dinner is a drag?

Why do health food stores smell funny? Am I unable to recognize the true scent of health?

Why is it that kids can be rotten all day long, making you want to snatch a knot in them; then look like angels while they are sleeping, making you want to hold them in your arms?

Why is it that the train is never sitting on the tracks across the road when you are early?

Why is it that when the dishwasher is completely empty and standing open, somebody always put the cup in the sink?

Why is it that Krispy Kreme has their “hot doughnuts” sign on whenever I am broke and dieting?

Why does it not shame me to put five dollars worth of hot doughnuts on my credit card?

Why doesn’t the color of the new paint on the wall look like the color in the picture?

Why does the dog need to bark at dust floating in the air, but will only snore when a stranger comes to the door?

Why do these people keep calling to offer a better phone plan? Why don’t they just do the right thing in the first place?

Why do I keep buying celery so that it can die in my refrigerator instead of the grocer’s shelf?

Why is it always in the hundreds instead of tens when the car has a problem that needs professional help?

Why does the car only have a problem when I REALLY need to be somewhere?

Why is it that a husband always wants to have meaningful conversation when the wife is concentrating on a book or the computer, but will barely answer in monosyllables when the TV is on?

Why is it always so cold in the movie theater?

Why is it cheaper to throw away an electronic gadget and buy new, rather than have it fixed?

Why can’t you ever find someone to fix these gadgets?

Why do they all break at once?

Why don’t Hershey bars taste good anymore?

Why is it impossible to keep your eyes open at four in the afternoon, yet at nine you get your second wind until midnight?


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