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Found Treasures

Every so often, usually when I can’t think of anything better to do, I decide do a purge. Typically this is centered in a closet, but also can extend to cabinets, drawers or bookshelves. The


The night before Commencement, I had a lot of trouble falling asleep. I couldn’t figure out why. The worst was behind us-all school projects were complete, final grades entered, the rush of college applications in

A Treasury of Poetry

Last week, I discovered by way of my child’s teacher, that April is National Poetry month. I like it when I can piggyback onto their education. I had no idea there was such a thing,

The March of Time

It’s so tedious when an adult says to a kid “My, how you’ve grown!” What we are really saying is: “Oh my gosh, you look so different. When I peer into your face, I can

Girls and their Cars

“An independent woman should be able to take care of her own car. Not just putting gas in the tank, but also general maintenance and repair.” That’s what my dad always said right before he

Going Shopping

When I was young, at least before I was a teenager with a license, shopping was a big deal. First, my mother had appearance rules; we actually had to dress appropriately before we ever left