The Power of a Thank You

Thank YousOne of the best tools for generating word-of-woman-mouth for my business has been the simplest thing; thank you notes.

No, not an email, an old fashioned, written in your very best handwriting, on nice paper or a folded card. Our mothers taught us this for a reason – it is an honest expression of appreciation showing time and effort given over to create this note. Now more than ever, this helps to seal a good impression. It is the very rarity of personal mail, received from the postal service rather than the computer that adds value to this small touch. There is a sort of thrill that comes with sifting through junk mail only to see a heavy small envelope with your name written across the front.

This is very inexpensive marketing, and is fairly easy to do. You can create a basic format, then personalize as needed. For example:

Dear Angela,
Thank you for choosing me as your doula. I have very much enjoyed getting to know you and your partner Joe. I am also honored to assist with and be present at the birth of your daughter Sylvia. She is a beautiful baby, and I know you will have much joy with her.

In the coming weeks, I just want to remind you that I am available to you if you need me. Although you are recovering well, sometimes mothers have questions, or need additional hands on assistance; please feel free to call me at any time. I am also enclosing a few of my cards for yourself or to share with friends. Again, thank you very much for your trust in me and my service.

Debbie Doula

Be sure to add several of your business cards that contain all of your contact information including website and social media sites.

Many women love to share their stories and refer their friends to local resources and services. Your job is to make it easier for her to refer to you. When to send the note depends on your type of business. It probably should either be after an initial purchase if you are a retailer, or at the completion of a service. For example, a lactation consultant would write after a home visit or massage therapist after the first appointment. If your business has different service lines, you may want to have several varied templates, but keep it simple and honest. You appreciate her business, and you want that to show.

Plus, this can also have an unexpected side benefit. You can tell your own mother what you are doing and she will be so happy!


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