Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Marketing research shows that a customer often has to hear your name three times before making the decision to use your services. One way to do this is to put your name in unexpected places.

When I started my practice, I was driving a mini-van, due to the fact that I was hauling around carseats full of small children. Because my business is focused on moms and my mini was in carpool lines plus various lessons or kid events (all where moms are found), I recognized a great opportunity. I went to a sign shop and had them create two large magnets with my business logo. Nothing very detailed, just the logo image (it’s a stork) with my website and phone number.

Many clients tell me that they have seen my “storks” all over town and have had fun recognizing me. Because I offer home visits, the sign enhances my professional image. When a mother answers her door and sees my vehicle with the sign in her driveway, it’s a subtle reminder that I am serious about what I do. Frequently, I have individuals call me after seeing my sign at a red light, curious about the stork and my business. In this age of smart phones, this also generates more website activity.

A similar benefit from “peel and stick” or window cling images made from the logo; keep it simple so it’s easy to see and read. It’s an inexpensive way to build name and brand recognition.


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