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Love at the Table

Valentine’s Day is tied with Thanksgiving as my favorite holiday. I don’t have a particularly romantic husband and he usually doesn’t even remember when it occurs. Before I was married, I always seemed to have

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is my absolute favorite holiday. My friend says that it’s because I am an old-fashioned romantic. That may be true; I love lace edged hearts, sentimental inscriptions, pink and red, and all things

Holiday Stress

"Five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes. How do you measure, measure a life?" -"Seasons of Life" from Rent. The song from Rent is ringing in my ears; maybe because it is so applicable to

Taste Testing

It was Saturday afternoon at the grocery store and it was time for another taste test. As we approached, a young woman curled and stretched her fingers inside the plastic glove, unused to the feeling

Black Friday

We all have different things that we love about Thanksgiving. Our holiday is spent with extended family at my sister’s house in Charlotte, NC; she loves having us all there. My sister and her husband


Watching The Nutcracker ballet is a magical event for me, and I really didn't want to know how it all came together. I just enjoyed getting dressed up and sitting in my comfortable seat, watching