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The night before Commencement, I had a lot of trouble falling asleep. I couldn’t figure out why. The worst was behind us-all school projects were complete, final grades entered, the rush of college applications in

A Treasury of Poetry

Last week, I discovered by way of my child’s teacher, that April is National Poetry month. I like it when I can piggyback onto their education. I had no idea there was such a thing,

Meandering Food Memories

By the time I hit sixth grade in South Carolina, I was on my seventh school. This was due to my fathers job; he worked in plastics manufacturing when it was a brand new industry.

Girls and their Cars

“An independent woman should be able to take care of her own car. Not just putting gas in the tank, but also general maintenance and repair.” That’s what my dad always said right before he

Going Shopping

When I was young, at least before I was a teenager with a license, shopping was a big deal. First, my mother had appearance rules; we actually had to dress appropriately before we ever left

The Necessary Room

We love summer in the south. We love the warm days in April, and the fact that we can get boatloads of garden tomatoes in June. However, by July and especially August, the heat becomes


Saturdays are for me. Occasionally, there are too many kid activities that require a parent driver, making the time no longer mine. For the most part though, I am able to use my mom network

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is my absolute favorite holiday. My friend says that it’s because I am an old-fashioned romantic. That may be true; I love lace edged hearts, sentimental inscriptions, pink and red, and all things

Standing on Cars

“I have a thought.” When they were younger, these words always send my kids into a tailspin. This was the signal for them to instantly start running around in circles while asking me a million

Lost and Found

Last week, we thought that we had lost someone very dear to us; our boxer. We put her in the yard because we were showing the house and had to leave. When I got home,

Black Friday

We all have different things that we love about Thanksgiving. Our holiday is spent with extended family at my sister’s house in Charlotte, NC; she loves having us all there. My sister and her husband

Just Plain Sadie

When I stepped outside to get the mail, she came running toward me. (bounce, bounce, bounce) My across the street neighbor was following behind, slightly out of breath. “You have a new puppy” I said.

Observations Regarding Tools

Why do men need so many tools? Just about every man I know has a selection of rusty tools and related items in the truck of his car. This also includes a full color assortment