Observations Regarding Tools

Observations Regarding Tools

Why do men need so many tools?

Just about every man I know has a selection of rusty tools and related items in the truck of his car. This also includes a full color assortment of bungee cords in case something needs to be secured. I could understand jumper cables, and even one bungee to hold the trunk closed over the Christmas tree, but the rest I don’t get.

This phenomenon filters into the house as well. In the corner of our mud room, there hangs a caulking gun. It’s not really a gun-not even in the broadest sense of the word. However, no man on the face of the earth is going to walk into a hardware store and ask for a caulking squirter. Anyway, it hangs there in the event of a caulk emergency. We have been in the house for over a year and haven’t experienced one of these yet but, should it occur, we are ready at a moments notice. No walking ten steps out to the garage for us-no sir.

Also in the mud room, there is a variety of screwdrivers, paint brushes and related tools, a drill with bits, and spackle (in case holes suddenly appear somewhere). I have added to this collection. In every load of laundry that contains his pants, I find a selection of nuts, bolts and screws. I place all of these items into a jar that is rapidly getting full. I figure that in five years, I will be able to operate an EBay site for these products right out of my home.

The garage is loaded with tools. This is mainly because tools are an easy gift giving idea-especially for the “impossible to buy for” man. I spend a lot of time at Northern Tool at Christmas and manage to check off grandpa, husband and brother in law all in one stop. However, I believe the tools are reproducing in the dark. The tools are starting to take over, and I really don’t remember buying this many.

EBay may be sooner than I think; I wonder if he would notice?


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