Weak Will On The Weekend

Potato Pancake Latkes

“This time I am going to order something different.”

I always say the same thing when we eat at the Original Pancake House on Trenholm. It never happens. Invariably I order the usual, potato pancakes; and my family then teases me unmercifully.

I first learned about potato latkes (pancakes) when I read a popular series called “All of a Kind Family” when I was in fourth grade. The books are about a Jewish family living in the East Side of New York city during the early 1900’s. The stories were wonderful, and had a strong focus on holiday and family traditions, particularly food. For years afterward, I wished that I could grow up Jewish to have the same fun-and good eating.

As an adult, I have tried many of the dishes that I had read about. I learned how to cook some as well. Out of all that I have tried, potato latkes are my absolute favorite. I could eat them until I explode; or my heart stops from all of the fat. Fortunately for my health, they are a pain to make, so I only have them a few times a year.

Last Saturday, I worked all day and was wiped out by the evening. I felt like it was a good night for breakfast at dinner, one of our favorite things. I called my husband who agreed to meet me with the kids at the Pancake House. As I sat waiting for them, I told myself the same once again, “This time I am going to order something different.”

The menu reads:
Potato Pancakes-Idaho potatoes are fresh ground daily, then grilled to a golden, lacey-edged perfection in the European style.

I don’t know how European style differs from any other, but I do know that this sentence always starts my mouth watering. I can smell the faint flavor of chive and potato. I can feel the combination of hot pancake and cold sour cream on my tongue. The edges are crisp and the inside is creamy. Unlike most potato pancakes (and I have eaten a lot), these are so delicate and light, they literally fall apart in your mouth.

Boy, I really meant to choose something different. Next time for sure.


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