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Found Treasures

Every so often, usually when I can’t think of anything better to do, I decide do a purge. Typically this is centered in a closet, but also can extend to cabinets, drawers or bookshelves. The overriding theme of all these places is the fact that they are used to store things; often not seen or

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A Treasury of Poetry

Last week, I discovered by way of my child’s teacher, that April is National Poetry month. I like it when I can piggyback onto their education. I had no idea there was such a thing, but I immediately embraced the concept of celebrating poetry. Since then, I have posted a poem (or at least a

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Dwindling Summer

The work that has kept me crazy busy finally came to a brief pause; allowing me to catch up on some much needed household tasks. After sending the kids off to school, my attention turned to the bills piling up on my desk. I decided that I might as well sit on the screened porch

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Time Machine

For Christmas, my sister gave me a time machine that really works. When I opened my package from her, there it was; a DVD of the first season of “21 Jump Street”. For those who may not be in the know, this was one of Fox Televisions first shows. It launched the careers of Johnny

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Book Magic

Books are more than an escape for me; they are part of my soul. Once, in the early days of our marriage, my husband’s sleep was disturbed by the sound of quiet crying. He rolled over, cracked a bloodshot eye at me and mumbled, “What is it? What’s wrong?” “She died,” I said, trying to

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The Eternal Why

If you have any answers to these questions, please feel free to leave them here so you can put me out of my misery. Why is it that cookbooks are absolutely inspirational to read, but cooking dinner is a drag? Why do health food stores smell funny? Am I unable to recognize the true scent

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The Library Lady

We go to the library every week without fail. To us, fresh library books are as important as milk and bread. Our library is the Main Branch, downtown on Assembly. The library is a large glass building that has won a great deal of recognition for design and services. The children’s floor has endless rows

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Watching The Nutcracker ballet is a magical event for me, and I really didn't want to know how it all came together. I just enjoyed getting dressed up and sitting in my comfortable seat, watching dancers float across the stage. This year, all three kids would take part. With all of the frequent rehearsals scheduled,

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My Secret Addiction

Recently I attended a small Christmas open house. During that event, I inadvertently gave away one of my secrets. Because I am afraid that the story will get around in an exaggerated form, I want to go ahead and confess it in my blog. It’s better for me to tell this in fact form rather

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