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Denise Altman’s thoughts about homemaking, love, quiet time, raising kids, working, owning a small business, learning and more.

Welcome to my personal website!

My intention is for you to treat this as a virtual gift shop. Browse around a little. Look for hidden treasure tucked away in a corner, or search for something specific. There are essays based on day to day musings, or impressions left by experiences found in the “Writing” section. There are small business suggestions and ideas under “Mentoring”. There are reasons listed for using a mentor (not just me), and how I work with you to determine your goals. If you need me, or just want to tell me what you think, I am simply a “Contact” click away; or you can leave a comment on any article.

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Latest Posts From Denise:

Love at the Table

Valentine’s Day is tied with Thanksgiving as my favorite holiday. I don’t have a particularly romantic husband and he usually doesn’t even remember when it occurs. Before I was married, I always seemed to have

Found Treasures

Every so often, usually when I can’t think of anything better to do, I decide do a purge. Typically this is centered in a closet, but also can extend to cabinets, drawers or bookshelves. The

The Peaceful Quiet

“Sigh. If I ever took a picture like this everyone would know it was totally staged. Yet, you live this life every day. Genteel tea, lovely china, screeny porches. It's stupendous” A friend of mine